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2020 Spirit Fest 5- 8 March

Start Date/Time:
Thursday, March 5, 2020 8:00 AM
End Date/Time:
Sunday, March 8, 2020 4:00 PM

Join Zen Life Wellness in Paradise for the 2020 Spirit Fest 5- 8 March

The moment when it all comes together and true Sanctuary is created, is a special and magical moment indeed  –  Isolde Bennett

2020 Spirit Festival
With so much excitement, I am happy to announce, that Zen Life Wellness will be hosting an Advanced Alternative Healing Space, at the 2020 Spirit Fest, 5- 8 March!

I have been going to the Spirit Fest, since it first started back in the early 2010’s and it has been such a blessing and high quality conscious gathering, a little piece of Paradise, every time.

Funny thing I say Paradise...

For this year for the 2nd time, the festival will be held at the Somerset Gift farm, just outside of Suurbraak, my home town and sanctuary for the last 3 years. 

The original name for this area was Xiaru, which means:  “A place of Paradise”. Named so by the Quena tribe of the Khoi, whom were the original inhabitants of the land. 

Legend has it, that Khoi tribes from all over would come to Xiaru to find medicinal plants to heal. So, it is only in the highest order that we carry on the tradition of the ancients, in a new way, off course, but with the same pure and loving intentions and high vibrations.

Let’s give gratitude, practice, learn, dance, heal, cry and laugh together under the same ancient sun, next to the same ancient mountains, rivers and waterfalls, and be one.

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The treatments that will be available at our space:
*Thai Yoga Massage * Scenar Therapy * Sandawa/Harp bed
*As well as locally made, self treatment and body fitness products
* A talk and Q & A’s on Scenar (Advanced Frequency Therapy Device)

For more info on our treatments, products and for our next Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Training dates, please visit our website:

See you there :)
Live your best life, now!
Isolde Bennett

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