Traditional Thai Massage Treatments

What is Traditional Thai Massage?

For me Thai massage is just the best and yummiest massage in the world... Believe me I have tried them all!

Traditional Thai Massage is also known as Thai Yoga Massage / Body work, Yoga for two, or Yoga for lazy people.

It is an ancient Thai body work that combines and has its roots in Indian Yoga type stretches, Chinese Acupressure and works on the ten main energy lines (Sen Sib), also known as meridians, of the human body.

Applying pressure on the Sen lines is what makes Thai massage unique. Blockages in the energy flow of the Sen, can lead to an imbalance or disease in the body.

Thai Massage promotes the flow of energy, suppleness, releases great amounts of tension in the body and gently aligns the spine.

A healing art that is so dynamic, it can be used as a highly effective therapy when ailments and blockages occur, as well as assist in maintaining a preventative and healthy life style.


Traditional Thai Massage

Treat your whole self, with this popular and ancient healing art -  Consisting of energy/meridian line work, acupressure and yoga type stretching.

Note: All the treatments include 15 min the Scenar Energy Blancket after the full body treatment, for optimal energy restoration and processing of information received.

  • 75 min - R 650  
  • 105 min - R 900 
  • 135 min -  R 1 200 

Available for retreats, wellness and sports events in the greater Cape Town area and anywhere in the world.  

Please contact us to check availability and to book.  


Zen Life Wellness - Thai Massage Courses in Cape Town


“It is a great art to know and skill to have. It will enrich your life, whether you want to be a practitioner, add a modality to your Yoga practice, or just to do it, because you love to.The gift of touch is priceless”

My Traditional Thai Massage Journey started in 2012, where I attended a 5 month Teachers Training Course at ITM, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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