Traditional Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage Training in Cape Town

We are excited to be offering our International Training in the Traditional Thai Massage 11th to 22th November 2019

The founder, Isolde is a Level 4, internationally qualified teacher in Level 1 and 2 Thai Massage, affiliated with ITM (International Training Massage School).

ITM is one of Thailand's most professional and internationally recognized massage schools in the world.


International Traditional Thai Massage Training - Level 1 and 2 (10 full days)

Your ITM International Certificate will entitle you to:

Be internationally certified and recognized in many countries

Further your studies in Level 3 & 4 at ITM, Chiang Mai, Thailand at anytime

To re-do Level 1 & 2 at ITM any time for less 50 %, at anytime

See our Event Schedule for all training events


Thai Massage Workshops

One Day Thai Massage Couple's Workshop (8 hours)

"This workshop is ideal for personal development and for a retreat activity"

  • An interactive one day workshop, training the couple to give a basic,
    1 hour, Full Body, Thai Yoga Massage 
  • Includes a Thai Lunch
  • Feeling and watching is the best way to learn
See our Events Page for upcoming workshops


Introduction to Thai Massage Workshop (2 hours)

"This workshop is ideal for a wellness event and for a retreat activity"

  • An introduction to basic- and intermediate Thai massage, presenting the basic history and theory behind it
  • Practical demonstrations and guided try-outs
  • Q & A’s

For more information about our Thai Massage Training Courses and Workshops, please see our event schedule.


Zen Life Wellness - Thai Massage Courses in Cape Town


“It is a great art to know and skill to have. It will enrich your life, whether you want to be a practitioner, add a modality to your Yoga practice, or just to do it, because you love to.The gift of touch is priceless”

My Traditional Thai Massage Journey started in 2012, where I attended a 5 month Teachers Training Course at ITM, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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