For me Thai massage is just the best and yummiest massage in the world… Believe me I have tried them all! Traditional Thai Massage is also known as Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Yoga Body Work, Yoga for Two, or Yoga for Lazy People.

It is an ancient Thai body work that combines and has its roots in Indian Yoga type stretches and Chinese Acupressure. It works on the ten main energy lines (Sen Sib), also known as meridians, of the human body. 

Applying pressure on the Sen lines is what makes Thai massage unique. Blockages in the energy flow of the Sen can lead to an imbalance or disease in the body. Thai Massage promotes the flow of energy, suppleness, releases great amounts of tension in the body and gently aligns the spine.

A healing art that is so dynamic, it can be used as a highly effective therapy when ailments and blockages occur, as well as assist in maintaining a preventative and healthy lifestyle.


Kundalini Yoda is a Yogic tradition influenced by the schools of Tantra and Shaktism. It is an energetic science, as channelled by Yogi Bhajan, combining a particular set of Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breath work), Mantra (sound) and Meditation to form Kriyas (a set of actions).

Kriyas create a particular outcome. Spiritually / energetically, to activate / balance and direct specific energy centres in the body, and to bring forth a more aware state of consciousness and intuition.

Physically, Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and balances the glandular system, which is perfect and so relevant for the over-stimulating times we find ourselves in today.