I have learnt through my own healing journey that all the answers lie within our bodies. All we need to do, is to listen and to remember that we are our own ultimate master healers, to initiate the true healing process and to support our multidimensional selves, with healthy frequencies, life supporting practices and healthy and balanced lifestyle choices.

The carefully guided and selected modalities I choose to work with, effectively assist our bodies to do just that. Tapping into the innate Divine healing mechanism within and heal, itself!

May your own healing process be your illumination, as it has mine, a gift continuously unfolding still… and may you receive all the support and guidance you require, at exactly the right time.

 – Isolde Bennett



To always be a student and teacher in the more ‘subtle energies’ or the ‘unknown’, and by so doing, being a vessel to better support my own as well as the ‘other’s’ experience in this ‘gross’ or ‘known’ reality. As all the masters teach… it is the subtle that governs the gross. That is the Zen Life, after all!